The New Trailer For Last Night in Soho Reveals More About the Plot

When it comes to Edgar Wright movies I am a die-hard fan, I will watch anything this man brings to life and Last Night in Soho seems like a massive yet brilliant tonal shift for him, so yes I am 100% down for this movie.

This is a body swap film with a twist. Last Night in Soho follows Eloise, a young new to the big city. After she moves to London this fashion-loving student soon starts to discover that she can somehow go back in time to 1966, where she inhabits the body of her idol, a once-famous singer and icon named Sandie. This leads her to discover the truly horrific fate of her now dead idol and sets her on a course to try and find justice for the dead.

The film oozes with a great mixture of Edger Wright’s one of a kind style, the charm of 1960’s London and a compelling sense of dread. A unique twist on an old premise and one I will gladly watch.


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