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Dynamite: Red Sonja (Vol. 5) #27

“When you shoot for the Devil, you can’t miss. Who knows what kind of mischief she’s into.”

The opening words of this issue are a great prediction of what is yet to come.

When last we left our heroes they had just been betrayed and the situation was not looking good. But now the Sultan is about to learn the most important lesson of his miserable selfish life, do not mess with Red Sonja!

Sonya herself is just so much fun in this issue, at any moment she is either being terrifyingly nonchalant or just an utter badass. I think many of us readers would happily follow her to the ends of the Earth. As fictional characters go, she truly is in a league of her own.

Plus, I just love how Drew Moss and Vincenzo Federici have brought her and this world to life. Though she barely wears anything it never comes off as overly sexual and though the world is rather desolate it is still one filled life. A lot of that life is thanks to Dearbhla Kelly and her work spectacular work as colourist.

The action comes thick and fast in this issue. With Red Sonja valiantly bursting through the streets with guards in hot pursuit only to borrow a ship and sale off into the sunset, only to be followed. But as per usual with this series all is not is all as it seems, and that is what helps make this story line so engaging. Luke Lieberman has truly done outstanding work on this series and each issue has taken me down a path that has me eagerly crying out for more.

Even though this is issue 27 I still think anyone could jump right into it. So, as it is New Comic Book day, I highly recommend you grab yourself a copy


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