5 Youtube Channels You Will Love If You Are A Fan Of Critical Role

Critical Role certainly took the internet by storm. It is the show that just goes from strength to strength. The web series which follows a group of professional voice actors as they play Dungeons & Dragons is truly a darling of the internet.

Ever since show started streaming partway through the cast’s first campaign in March 2015 they have gained a legion of “Critters”. This has helped spawn a new generation of Dungeons and Dragons players. And helped bring D&D in to the mainstream.

This got me thinking maybe you are a fan of Critical Role but would like to sample a little bit more of this genera. Well if that sounds like you then I have five Youtube channels for you to check out. Some you may know, others not. But If I have missed any then be sure to comment below and I will include them on a future list.


Comprised of the the Outside Xbox and Outside Xtra teams, OxVenture sees Mike Channell, Andy Farrant, Jane Douglas, Ellen Rose and Luke Westaway dress up as their characters and play some D&D.

If you wanted Critical Role to be more British with a certain level of “cheek” then this is going to be the show for you.

And if you like Oxventure then definitely go check out Outside Xbox and Outside Xtra.

Deer Stalker Pictures – 1 for All 

Now this one is a little different yet oddly similar to our last entry.

I think IMDB sums it up best with their synopsis:

An original comedy sketch web series by Deerstalker Pictures. Follow Evandra the sassy half-elf fighter, Antrius the seductive bard, and Nixie the pyromaniac tiefling sorceress, as they fumble their way through an epic fantasy world, under the guidance of their tireless DM (who plays every single NPC regardless of age, race, or gender).

It is really fun and seriously worth a watch.

And if you like this you may want to check out some of their other videos too.


Out of all the channels that I am discussing this one probably has the least flare but arguably the most important, that is if you are trying to incorporate some heavy D&D lore into your campaign.

He covers all sorts of D&D topics such as the Gods, races, demons and monsters of the world in a very calm and basic way.

So if you want a nice chill look at D&D I highly recommend you check this out.

D&D Beyond

Now we are getting into the serious stuff. DNDBEYOND is the home of all things Dungeons and Dragons. If you are a player then you will be more than familiar with DNDBEYOND.

The page has tonnes of interviews with the creators behind Dungeons and Dragons and it is just fascinating to see what they think of the characters, classes and settings that they continue to bring us.

Not only that but they have interviews with some of  DND’s more famous players such as Laura Bailey and Deborah Ann Woll.

The Book Of Choyer

Now this one is not Dungeons and Dragons so that may put some of you off, though it is in a round a bout way D&D related. The Book of Choyer is channel dedicated to the lore of Warhammer Fantasy, which is a product of the Games Workshop, which originally sold D&D related miniatures before making their own games. So it does have its merits.

They go into great details of the lore of species, factions and characters. If you want to kill 30 minutes of time these videos are excellent, and addictive. But most importantly if you want some inspiration for creating a campaign you might just find it here. Maybe you want your party to enter into an ancient forest whose very leaves are against them, or to journey to a frozen wasteland in search of civilization. It is all here in these videos and it is really worth a watch.

This is far from a definitive list so if you enjoy this I might put another out at a later date.

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