Ridd1e Decides To Spoil Her Fans in 2021

Ridd1e AKA Riki Le Cotey is probably one of the Cosplay Worlds biggest names with over 300,000 followers on Instagram and a quick look at her work it is easy to see why she is such a huge name in the scene. Like many Cosplayers Riddle would usually release a calendar to get her fans through the year. Sadly with covid making things very difficult she has gone ahead and released a “do it yourself free calendar”.

In a post on her Instagram she had this to say:

A lot of you had asked if I did a 2021 calendar and due to the fact I couldn’t responsibly shoot with people throughout the year to create new images to put in the calendar, it didn’t happen.. ⁣⁣I felt bad about that..
I wanted to start 2021 off right with a small thank you, as many of you know I have a FREE Patreon, so each month I’ll put out 2 HQ images you can either print or Download digitally or make your own 2021 Riddle calendar. While it won’t be new images I’ll do my best to select less common images. While pledging is always appreciated it’s not required. All you gotta do is just follow me on Patreon. ⁣⁣If it’s not your thing, no worries!

The first month is her now infamous Rocketeer costume.

This is why she is one of the best.

Now if you are looking to sign up to her Patreon then check out the links here.

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