There Was Mixed Opinions On The League of Legends Opening Ceremony

In a world of social distancing I was curious to see how they would pull this one off…

Right off the bat I will say they did well for operating within the confines that the current pandemic has given us. Would I have liked to have seen the original line up of Madison Beer, Jaira Burns, Miyeon and Soyeon?

Well yes of course I would love to have seen that, but I understand that 2020 has created limitation that we must all abide by. But having projections of KD/A alongside Lexie Liu was a good idea. And I think that Lexie Liu gave a strong performance, it would be hard to argue otherwise.

Visually the opening was great seeing Akali burning through the streets on her motorbike, only to burst onto stage was awesome. plus Ahri,appearing on a throne was pretty epic.

Still things quickly went a tad downhill. There was something not quite right about the groups appearance and I am not the only one who thought that. (I do wonder if this was because they could get the original girls to mo-cap for the performance, like they had done before. 

Not everyone was happy with how the group looked

What helped bring it back was the finale where Lexie Liu and Seraphine helped bring the house down.

Overall it was a good performance and I think had it not been for Covid things could have been better.

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