Altered Carbon Season 2 Takes Us Further Than We Have Ever Been

If you have not seen Altered Carbon then I advise you check it out, it is quite the original series. Altered Carbon takes us to a cyber punk future one where you can transfer your consciousness into any other body. One where the rich live forever and the poor simply die. No better is this summed up than where you see a young girl whose body died have your mind placed into the body of an elderly person and then dumped with her family – how did this happen, it was all her families insurance would allow. So this is a series that allows plenty of social commentary and in interesting and unique ways. 

The series follows Takeshi Kovacs who has been freed from years being imprisoned to solve a very unique crime. In season 1 he is played by Joel Kinnaman and also Will Yun Lee – who play his original body and his new one, while season 2 will see  Anthony Mackie take up the lead. You have probably already figured out that there is some slight body swapping here.

Now if you are up to date and want to avoid spoilers then do not watch this trailer.

The trailer shows the return of James Purefoy as the owner of the Hotel which makes me so happy but that is not really a spoiler. What it does show is the return of Takeshi’s long lost and thought dead lover and also his original body. Though still none of this could be real, so I will not stress to much yet.

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