More Spidertastic Merch From The Cable Guys

Cable Guys are fantastic, they are perfect for keeping your room organised and nerdy, not only that but they are a lot more useful than they let on – making them the perfect Christmas gift. Practically the gift of a 1000 uses.

First off there is the obvious, you can use them to hold your controllers.

But why stop there?

They are also fantastic at holding your tablet and since they are super light when ever I am cooking I can now watch my tablet or phone at the same time.

You can even use them to hold various objects such as:

If you have not got one then you need to check them out ASAP. If you are a fan Marvel, DC, Sega, Halo, COD, Star Wars and classic Playstation characters then you are going to want one of these and the best place to grab one is Exquisite Gaming.

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