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RIP René Auberjonois

René Auberjonois, THE actor who starred in M*A*S*H* AND Star Trek DS9 has sadly passed away over the weekend.

The actor died on Sunday at his home in Los Angeles of metastatic lung cancer, his son Rèmy-Luc Auberjonois said.

I obviously never new René but he came off as an actors actor, someone that really loved their craft, someone who wanted to try new things weather it be the stage, movies, television or even Voice acting he always approached each challenge with the same energy and always gave it his all.

Even though I was aware of his work in films like M*A*S*H and The Patriot, or animation like Avatar and Xyber 9 it will always be his role as Odo on Star Trek Deep Space Nine that I most associate with this performer. In Deep Space Nine he played the head of security for the aforementioned Space Station. The character was a gruff and grumpy man who in the end had a deep well of emotion – this was no easy task for a performer especially since he had to wear a lot of makeup and prosthetic’s but René it work.

When asked about all the roles he has played he had this to say:

“I am all of those characters, and I love that,” Auberjonois said in a 2011 interview with the Star Trek website. “I also run into people, and they think I’m their cousin or their dry cleaner. I love that, too.”

Among Star Trek fans he will be missed. It is well known that he became a regular at Star Trek conventions, where he raised money for Médecins Sans Frontières, also known as Doctors Without Borders, and signed autographs with a drawing of Odo’s bucket, where the character would store himself when he returned to his natural gelatinous state.

In the end Rest In Peace  René Auberjonois.

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