Grimes Just Released Her Latest Video

If you are not familiar with Grimes. then where the hell have you been. Combining a healthy mix of creativity, talent, artistic direction and a dash of manic pixie dream girl all into one, Grimes has slowly climbed her away into center stage, garnering a massive and loyal fan base along the way. Where her original videos where brilliant, odd and a little low budget – her newest videos are all just as awesome, all just as weird, but now they are extravagant in the most delightful ways and Violence is no exception.

As tracks go this one has a great energy to it, you could easily just chill out to the track or move your body to it – a rare distinction to plenty of her singles. But I am not here to talk about the song I am here for the video. Violence oozes classical decadence, like it is from ancient or future civilization. The beginning of Violence see’s Grimes reading the Art Of War, as she sits in what looks to be a temple surrounded by women, ones that are scantly clad but not in a sexual way. Perhaps this is an allusion to Athena.

Next we move to her with a group of dancers. The entire routine is very aggressive and to me symbolizes acts of violence, which in itself would make sense with the name of the song. Going back to my mention of Athena, it still fits, especially since her original cults were portals of a uniform socialization, which links in well with dance.

Back to Grimes with her “priestesses” as they stand there armed looking over a naked body. Good be a sacrifice to a war goddess – again such as Athena.

Post this we move onto a nice stylish upside down shot, which is always fun.

Finally we get more dancing, this time with a sword wielding women. This does all lend into the violence and war theme from the video which suits.

In the end it is another great video from a fantastic and talented artist, one I cannot wait to see more from.



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