The Bluetooth Speak That Hugs You

Apparently this is the new product from Otome Yusha: the “Boyfriend Hug Speakers.” The “Boyfriend Hug Speaker” does what it says on the tin,  as it is a pair of fully functional speakers. And as the name of the article suggest they are Bluetooth compatible, though unlike regular speakers these are shaped like big manly arms that will keep you safe in their warm nurturing embrace. 

Try not to get too excited as these bad boys are only a promotional item created to promote the Hero of Maidens mobile game. Do not be shocked if you have never heard of it, as it is only big in Japan. Hero of Maidens is an RPG aimed at women, it is a game where hot dudes try and save the world with love. 

Do not fret because if you want one of these there is a way, the company is holding a lottery and you can enter here.

After you win you can even customize the head of your speakers.

You can even use them in place of real people, which to me is brilliant because, fuck people.

As per usual Japan comes up with interesting solutions to common problems. And if you really want these but do not win the lottery for them then keep the faith because if there is enough demand these will be released to the general public.

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