We Finally Got Our First Glimpse Of Zombieland 2

It has been in the works for a while and it looks like taking their time may have paid off. The new Zombieland trailer teases a few laughs and shows us a little bit about the plot but keeps a lot close to it’s chest, the way things should be.

It is hard to tell because like I said earlier the trailer keeps a lot to itself but from what we can see so far the film is going to focus on the inter personal relationships between our heroes and their possible new allies they meet along the way. One aspect of the trailer that I do like is that the creative team are focusing on the success of their four main stars, seriously they are all extremely talented and the awards that follow them about our testament to this.

I think we can all hope for a fun fast paced action with  a few emotional gut punches along the way for good measure.

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