The Boys Goes Dark In This New Trailer

Any fans of The Boys would already know that the book is extremely dark, though that darkness is peppered with a lot of twisted humor. I was initially a little worried that Amazon where going to leave to heavy into the comedy aspect of the series But after this trailer I think any fears are unfounded.

If by now you are not familiar with the plot of The Boys. The books are set in a world where Super Heroes do what ever they want causing huge amounts of chaos and damage. At their best they can be a menace but at their worst they are violent rapists who see themselves as modern gods. In comes Billy the Butcher, the leader of a Black Ops team, known as The Boys, whose sole job is to bring these false idols down and even kill a few along the way.

Of course not all the heroes are evil and we quickly learn that there some who buy into the hype and want to do some good…

The trailer helps further define the world that The Boys has given us, one where “Heroes” do what ever they want and major corporations help cover up for them. Something else worth noting is that Simon Pegg has been cast as the main characters father, which is a nice touch as in the original comics the main characters was drawn to resemble Pegg.

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