Against The Current Strip Down For This Great Track

I do get a lot of crap from some of my friends for listening to Against The Current. Far too many people write them off as teeny bopper rock, for kids who have yet to grow up. Yes that may be true for their earlier stuff but honestly anyone who thinks that now are really just missing out. Their last two albums are bother fantastic and i urge you all to listen to them.

If you ever needed a reason to listen to them then this stripped down version of Voices is it, Chrissy Costanza is one of the best vocalists on the scene these days. Unlike many other singers she never tries to be sexual, instead giving off a one of the boys vibe, she is energetic, talented and the driving force behind this group. Along with Dan Gow and Will Ferr Against the Current have not only helped fill a void in music they have also carved out their own little corner too. Seriously they are worth checking out.

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