Marvel Phase 4 – Could Spider-Gwen Be Next

In the classic Marvel Story line Peter Parker is bitten by a radioactive spider and eventually becomes the hero we all know and love as Spider-Man. Along the way he comes out of his shell and falls in love with Gwen Stacey, and on one faithful night while battling the Green Goblin over New York Peter would face his second greatest failure when the Goblin would drop Gwen forcing Peter to try and save her, but in the end he would fail and possibly be the reason for her death…

Now what if things where a little different?

What if Gwen was bitten by the Spider…

In one alternate universe this is what happened. In this work Gwen Stacey becomes a lot more outgoing and rebellious. So much so that she failed to realize how miserable her best friend Peter was. Maybe had she been more cautious she would have seen that he was desperate for help, desperate enough to accidentally turn himself into her worlds version of the Lizard. In the end she was forced to kill her best friend. But from then on she developed a strong sense of responsibility and became the equal of any other Spider-Person.

I should also point out that in her world she is known as the Spider-Women, the fans refer to her as Spider-Gwen as there have been several other Spider-Women, She has also been known as “White Widow” and “Ghost Spider”.

So how could she fit into the MCU?

I know that Peter never actually dealt with alternate universes but wouldn’t it make sense that maybe he would be the one to discover that an alternate world existed? 

Maybe where he is forced to team up with a new Spider-Women. It could possibly be a world he traveled to so that he could escape the fall out from the end of Far From Home?

Spider-Gwen was originally depicted as having similar powers to Spider-Man, which originated from a bite by a radioactive spider. These wall crawling, a Spider-Sense and having super strength. She also owns her own web-shooters that were given to her and created by retired crime fighter and billionaire mogul Janet van Dyne. Who most people would know as the original Wasp. 

Also as the daughter of a police captain, Spider-Gwen has detective skills and analytical thinking. She is not formally trained in fighting, but has picked up on elements from kung-fu films. 

I think after watching this season of Stranger Things everyone would agree that the wonderful Maya Hawke would be perfect for the role. So Marvel if your reading this, please make it happen.

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