Nintendo Just Won E3

In a short 45 minute conference Nintendo managed to dominate E3 2019. They showed how forging your own path, when done right, is the best option. While Microsoft and Sony duke it out over who is best, they are figuratively and literally playing their own game.

Resident Evil 5 and 6, Alien Isolation and of course the beloved The Witcher 3 are all due to get ports onto the Switch. Though in the case of the Witcher 3, this will not have the same quality as its brothers over on X-Box and Playstation, but it will still be the same core game. This adds some more variety to Nintendo’s already massive back catalog of games.

Now I love Smash, it will be one of my biggest reasons for wanting to play any Nintendo consul and back in the day I grew to love me some Banjo-Kazooie that is why I am filled with such glee to see them joining Smash Bros, along side the hero from Dragon Quest.

Being pushed back from 2019 to early 2020 this game has got some serious buzz around it. I am not a fan of these games but the new one has some RPG elements that seem pretty appealing.

Luigi’s Mansions has always been surprisingly popular franchise. It has an odd mix for a Mario game and this time will see Luigi in a haunted hotel. If that does not have you enticed then have no fear because there will be a co-op mode where player two takes control of Gooigi, a pallet swap of Luigi. This should be a fun romp well worth a go.

Panzer Dragoon – This was a big surprise for me because I just loved the original. Panzer Dragoon is an old Sega title and is a rail shooter where you fly a bloody dragon, if I need to explain why this is awesome well then you must be stupid.

Travis Touchdown is back for No More Heroes 3!

The batshit bonkers game has made a complete surprise return and if you want something unique and wonderful then this is the game for you.

Back during E3 2018 we got our first glimpse of this game and we wanted more. Finally one year on and we have been given its much demanded release date of September 13th.

As great as all these games are they are but the starter because main course and desert belong to the Zelda franchise which is giving us three new entrees.

I love Crypt of the Necordancer it is such a great indie gem, one that played homage to the original Zelda games. So to see it now cross over with Zelda by having both Link and Zelda as playable characters, well that is pretty darn awesome. If you are not familiar with Necrodancer,  it is a rhythm dungeon crawler hybrid, which is just as brilliant and bizarre as that sounds, so really worth checking out.


The long awaited remake of Legend of Zelda: Links awakening looks adorable but what has me completely hooked is the thought that you can now edit and create your own dungeons…

Do you need any more convincing?

No one saw this coming, but yes Nintendo have confirmed about a new darker sequel for Breath of the wild and the fans went crazy. It is obvious why they left this one to last.

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