Baldur’s Gate Is Back

It has been over a decade and Baldur’s gate is finally back. The first two games in this series where both massive hits and I have no doubt the third will follow suit. If you are not familiar with Baldur’s Gate, it is a city within the Forgotten Realms of Dungeons and Dragons fame. The city is also one of the most powerful in it’s region and with power comes plenty of hidden and forgotten secrets that lurk within its shadows. Yes this city and the games set in it are truly sights to behold.

The third games creators have worked very closely with the Dungeons and Dragons team at Wizards of the Coast to help bring the game in line with fifth edition rules (the latest rules for Dungeon and Dragons). As with the originals you do not need to be a fan of the table top game to enjoy, and vice versa. I am assuming that the game will also be more or less separate from the originals, though only time will tell. 

From the trailer we can tell that the major enemies of the game will be the Mindflayers also known as illithids. They were evil and once ruling sadistic peoples, feared by all sentient creatures in the multiverse due to their powerful innate psionic abilities. They are a truly unusual species that only seek to rebuild their lost universe spanning Empire and are a truly powerful foe. This is an enemy that will be worthy of battle and I for one will be looking forward to kicking their ass.

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