Marvel Phase 4 – Could Red Hulk Be Next

Since the MCU started the Hulk has had his ups and downs. From a mediocre film (that I personally enjoy) to a well received performance from Mark Ruffalo. But Hulk rarely finds his match, there are few opponents who could truly defeat him, save Thanos. That is why I am hoping for the Red Hulk to officially join the MCU.

So who is the Red Hulk?

Well if you cast your eye back to my initial paragraph you will noticed that I mention the Red Hulk has not officially appeared in the MCU yet. Though his alter ego has appeared, in 4 separate films. You see when Red Hulk is not off being a badass, he is living life as General Ross. Ross was the villain in the original Hulk film, where he had a hand in creating abomination, we next see him in the consultant where Tony Stark speaks to him about the Avengers Initiative. It was a long time before we saw him again, in Civil War, trying to get the Avengers to sign up to the Sokovian accords. He also briefly appears at the start of infinity war and then at Tony’s funeral in End Game.

We know he exists, so what would his motivation be?

Well Ross is a genius in his own right and he begrudgingly respected Tony Stark. Perhaps seeing a world without Iron Man would force his hand and lead him down a path to becoming the Red Hulk. In this way he could be a hero or a villain, maybe something in between. This would give us a new character someone that would clash with Hulk, Hawkeye, Winter Solider and the New Captain America.

Or maybe he could form his own team, a variation on the Thunderbolts with characters like Ghost, The Punisher, Bullseye, Winter Soldier and Scourge, all characters who currently exist in the MCU. To help fill the team out you include the Barney Barton – the brother of Hawkeye andĀ  Eric O’Grady a disgraced shield agent who became a violent Ant-man. This team could operate in a adarkr more adult way than most of the MCU and help breathe new life into the franchise.

As for powers Red Hulk has abilities almost identical to those of the Hulk. The character can also emit heat at will from his eyes during non-enraged periods, and can augment power levels by absorbing various types of energy, such as gamma radiation and the Power Cosmic. Unlike the green Hulk, the Red Hulk does not revert to human form when rendered unconscious, and his blood is a fluorescent yellow instead of green, remaining that color even in human form. Unlike the green Hulk, who gets stronger as his rage increases, Red Hulk’s body temperature rises with his anger. Though the heat is intense enough to melt desert sand into glass, it causes him to weaken when it becomes too intense, as his physiology lacks a cooling mechanism to deal with the excess heat.

Just thinking, maybe they could open to a film where Red Hulk kills of Abomination who due to the snap is currently running free. Now that would be an epic way to begin your film.

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