Critical Role Gives Us A Quick Look At Their New Script

By now you all know that I am a huge fan of Critical Role, enough of a fan that I am in the process of converting all my friends to the show and have written several articles about their new Kickstarter, Matthew Mercer and co’s adventures are more engrossing that the majority of major Tv shows. This is probaby down to the fact that anything can happen on Critical role, even characters deaths…

Just this week the Critical Role team, well the majority of them, made their way to Emerald City Comic Con ( a Convention that really is worth checking out) and decided o treat us to a scene from their new show, sort of…

If you watched the clip you will see that this was all an elaborate joke, but well one worth checking out. The entire panel is a nice tease for what is to come so if your still not sure if you want to back their kickstarter then this panel may be final push to convert you to the critters cause.

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