Another End Game Trailer To Have Us Drooling !!!

It wont be long now till we finally get to see Avengers: Endgame and this latest trailer reminds us why this may be one of the most anticipated films ever made. The trailer kicks off by having several of our heroes reflecting on their younger days and also where they are now, before kicking into all of the good stuff.

At this point it really is anyone’s guess about what is going to happen but from what we can see it looks like Tony and Nebula are going to make it back to Earth and not only that all surviving heroes will joining the Avengers, at least it looks that way from the trailer. If not why would they be wearing the Avengers uniforms?

Maybe it’s just me but it appeared like Hawkeye, Ant-Man and nebula got a lot of screen time in this trailer. Maybe this just a red hearing either way it is a pity we only saw a little bit of Captain Marvel.

No matter what I am looking forward to seeing these two team up, it will be explosive.


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