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You all have no idea how much i have been looking forward to this review. To give you some perspective i am still down and out with the flu yet this book simply demands that I get the good word out. I have been a massive fan of all things Buffy since I realized i had a lil crush on Sarah Michelle Geller way back in 1997. This series was such a huge deal because she was a strong female character in a time where they where truly few and far between. Not only that but Buffy flipped a genera on it’s head, where she was the damsel but she was also the one kicking ass. It was a powerful site to see a women be so strong yet feminine. This of course would start me down a path of being a fan of all things Whedon and a love for bass ladies – I am perfectly comfortable being held in distress, just so you all know. So why am I talking about Buffy The Vampire Slayer?

Well folks Boom! have just launched their own Buffy series, one that see’s us going right back to the start in a complete and fresh reboot.

Right off the bat we get to see Buffy, Willow, Giles and Xander and it’s like sitting down with a few old friends. Not only do they all look the part but they sound the part too. The dorky banter of our two favorite nerds and the stern dialogue from Giles really helps shape this world into the one we all missed. Still for anyone who is worried that this series has reshaped the same old characters in a vein attempt to cease our cash then I can allay your fears, for the new Buffy series has updated the characters ever so slightly to help them fit into this new and mixed up world.

As for Buffy herself, she is still an alluring mix of no nonsense, outsider, warrior women and charm that we used to love seeing on Tv. Getting her right was the most important aspect of this series and with Buffy they truly nailed it.

And did I mention how great the art is, I love the style of this book, its stunning. Every character contains to much detail and so many pannels have hidden depths, such as if you look carefully you can see someone wantching Firefly in the background of one pannel. This isnt the only little treat hidding in plane site we also get to see Xander’s future wife, certin magical items and a mention of Wolfram & Hart, all very important in Buffy lore.

Honestly this has been a pretty couple of meh weeks for me recently and having the chance to sit down with a few old friends and just have a little fun, well that is priceless.

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