BAND-MAID Just Released Their New Track: Bubble

Those of you who have been following me for a while know that I am a huge fan of this band and no it’s not because they are dressed like maids. I am a fan because I love their music and these women can go hard, they are awesome, seriously check out their live footage, you will not be disappointed. Now if you are new here or have not heard of Band-Maid before they are a Japanese rock band formed in 2013. The band combines a rock sound with a maid image modeled on Japanese maid cafés.

Now on their 6th year and the ladies are seriously kicking ass, with each new track we get to see a new side to them and we are never left disappointed. Bubble is interesting in that it starts out pretty chill, then all of a sudden it ramps itself up to eleven. With lyrics speaking of events never lasting and how fleeting perfection is, it is easy to see why the song is called Bubble. I guess that is why the song goes from slow to fast, to help represent how we can all feel when we loose that perfect moment or partner, how reality itself can be so disappointing and burst our proverbial bubble. (If you are curious I will post the translated lyrics below).

Even if you cannot understand the Lyrics (by Miku Kobato) you can understand the emotion behind them and that really is the beauty of music, it lets you transcend the barriers of language and really get to the human side of things.



Losing you
To a beckoning kiss sign
You shake me off, joker
which is true?

oh why not?
A stretched veil is laid out
in my heart
You reside inside my heart
Sharing and licking each other, so cheesy
Is there even meaning to it,
But to just crudely flinch, fall, and fold?

Trapped in an ephemeral dream
It has no forever

Losing Night
Pledging a written contract
Life is like a DICE
It throws itself

but why not?
Systematic order
never changes
Just like sleeping in a cage
Let’s stop this
Having obvious ideals
Can lead to falling into the abyss
Intertwined by secrets tears us apart

Trapped in an ephemeral dream
It has no forever

Rough sighs cloud up the mirror
Illusions in the heart
They have no forever

There is no reason

Hey, listen.
After everything,
You only see the surface.
They are missing
something very important.
You should find out the truth
with your own eyes.
What do you want?
It depends on you.

The front or back, which shows justice? yeah
Starting to seek for an exit, which way is it? now
It’s collapsing
Even without one, just keep believing, yeah
My internal voice

Trapped in an ephemeral dream
It has no forever

A predicted reality is calling for me
(Hey!) wake me up!! wake me up!!
A throbbing pulse is all I desire
wake me up!!
No longer can return

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