Nerdgeist in Japan – The Evangelion Train

Sadly this one is gone for good but still the video helps capture how truly awesome this train was. Although it lacks the ability to create its own AV Field, use giant machine guns or destroy angels hell bent on wiping out humanity the Evangelion themed train won over the hearts of fans from all over the world. The Sanyo Shinkansen operated a 500 TYPE EVA train, created under the supervision of Mr. Hideaki Anno, Director of Evangelion, and designed by Mr. Ikuto Yamashita, Evangelion’s mechanical designer. While on-board passengers where treated to all sorts of Evangelion themed gems, which the video below will help show you.

This truly was a joy to go on and do not fret for if you missed it you will still have a chance to see it because it is to go on display in the Kyoto rail museum. The special train will be on display at the museum from Feb. 24 to May 7.

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