One Peice Goes Live Action

If you do not know what One Piece is then where the hell have you been? 

One Piece is the story of the Straw Hat Pirates a group of loveable, yet badass, misfits on the search for a near mythical treasure. Now I personally knew that One Piece was big but I never truly understood how big it was until I arrived in Japan last year. The merchandise was everywhere and we even managed to find a free laxer / water show featuring the pirates in a Mall. The show is a real sensation. (It currently holds the Guinness book of record for the most copies published for the same comic book series by a single author.)

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If your a #onepeice fan then you need to see this

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Due to how big it is, none of us where surprised when Indeed Japan decided to use the anime for their latest commercial. What shocked everyone was that the advertisement was live action and the sheer quality of actors they recruited for the cast. A variety of talent were brought in to bring the iconic pirates to life,  Nami is played by the gorgeous Rika Izumi. Luffy can be seen played by Takumi Saitoh while expert swordsman Zoro is  Hiroyuki Ikeuchi. The pirates ass kicking chef is Yosuke Kubozuka and comedian Daigo brings the long nosed sniper Usopp to life. Oh and in case you missed it Chopper is played by an actual reindeer.

Sadly this is not the cast for the live action series, which is also in production, but it does look pretty epic.

So what did you think of this advertisement and its casting choices?


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