What The New Godzilla Trailer Does Right !

The New Godzilla trailer has done something very smart, it has shown us practically nothing. These updated monsters are supposed to be the inspiration for the Titans of old there are primal forces, ones that humanity should never have disturbed and now they are back. But the thing is, we do not want to see these creatures, we may think we do but we don’t, not yet, not till the time is right, because once we see them, then all the magic is gone.

The trailer is quite brilliant in that it begins to fill us with such dread before an explosion of wonder right at the end and that is exactly hoe you should feel about these monsters. On a lighter note it seems that they have tried to stick true to the original designs which is highly important, because we do not want another 1990s Godzilla …

Above you can see what few shots of the beasts we do get and it really does keep you craving for more.

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