How White Is Significant To The Kingpin

When anyone says Kingpin I always think of the 1990’s Spider-Man cartoon. The big dude in the white suit.  Before I go any further I want to say that Vincent D’Onofrio is perfect in the role, he is truly menacing and his performance is one of Marvel’s best, all of his scenes are truly compelling, it’s just he lacked the white suit. But it looks like they have finally made this part of the character happen.

With the new season we see Wilson Fisk don his iconic suit and the man holds it well, I don’t think many guys, could pull this off but he does. I think choosing to wear white is his way of showing the public that he has changed, after all white is the color of heaven and he is setting himself up against the devil.

That is just his outward reason, there in fact is a much darker reason for his love of white, one that goes back to his childhood. We know that as a child when his father beat his mother he was forced to sit and stare at their white wall, he found comfort in this, going as far as to paint his apartment white as an adult and even purchase a white painting from the women he was to fall in love with.

Even as an adult we can see him using a white wall in an almost meditative way. Below you can see him lost in though staring at nothing, this is maybe hoe he processes his thoughts and how he finds focus.

It was smart how they used white early on to set up his future design, from what started out as a simple suit now becomes truly defining feature.

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