Mercy Gets Her Just Deserts In This Short

Being a Mercy main can be tough, do not get me wrong, most players are very grateful for a support character especially a Mercy and most times I play as her I find that a team will rally round you and will protect you. But this video is not for the good times, this video is for those times when your team is suicidal and decides to try and use head on assaults or perhaps run in blindfolded. On those occasions even the most patient Mercy fan could be driven into a psychopathic rage. For those days this video is rather cathartic.

In the video Mercy takes the form of 2B from NierAutomata and proceeds to slaughter her way through four of the series most beloved defense heroes. With Widowmaker and Hanzo getting the vicious death they deserve, a bastion decapitation and a turret being annihilated. As someone who frequently finds himself playing support, this video practically had me frothing at the mouth.

I will say this for Dillongoo as much as the animation really impressed me it was their art style and cinematography that hooked me in. Take a look at the shot above. It was a fantastic choice to have Mercy appear out of focus before she goes on her kill spree, in cinema this is usually used to emphasis a protagonists focus on an objective, here it is also used for brilliant comedic effect.

Another great choice was combining Mercy and 2B both have become kind of sex icons in the gaming world and I have to say Mercy in 2B’s outfit is nose bleed inducing, so yes I am very pro on this combination. 

Another great video from a fantastic channel.

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