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Does Venom Have Another Villian?

There has been a lot said about the addition of Riot as the villain in the upcoming Venom movie, but I am wondering if a third symbiote will be appearing in the film. At this point we know that Michelle Lee has been cast in Venom as Donna Diego. In the comic’s Donna is better known as the terrifying Scream.

Who is Scream?

Scream like her villainous counterpart Riot is another creation of The Life Foundation, she was the unofficial leader of their team of Symbiote’s. Scream’s superhuman abilities stem from her alien symbiote. The beast can mimic clothing and camouflage Donna. She often uses her ‘hair’ as a weapon, to wrap or tangle enemies. Like Spider-Man and Venom, Scream has wall-crawling and web-slinging abilities, and also boasts an early-warning sense. Scream also possesses some degree of superhuman strength, the exact limits of which are unknown. Unlike the rest of her brood she would go on to be a thorn in the side of both Spider-Man and Venom. (Fans of the Universal Studios Spider-Man ride will be familiar with her)

Why do I think she will be appearing?

First off they are casting Michelle Lee, who is consistently underrated actor, but she is also an excellent Martial Artist, which for a throw away role seems like a waste, if you have someone that is very physical then you should use them in a physical performance.

Another reason is the character is a fan favorite and I know in the past, especially in Sony’s X-Men films they have been very foolish and wasted named characters on bit parts, such as Psylocke in X3, at this point I think they have learned a lot from that.

If she is going to appear as Scream I hope it is in a significant way and not a simple throw  away appearance, as the villian is quite iconic and it would be nice to see Michelle Lee get some much needed respect from Hollywood. 

Fingers crossed Sony don’t mess this up

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