New Overwatch Funko Are On The Horizon

I can already imagine the look on my Girlfriends face. It is probably something like this:

At this point in time I have way too many Funko Pop! Figures and a good chunk of them are Overwatch. I just love the designs and personalities of the characters, the series never takes itself to seriously and that is what makes it so great. With so many great characters I doubt that everyone has their favorite or even second favorite characters yet, so its with great pleasure that I can inform you all that Funko will be bringing out another batch of figures to collect. With several exclusives coming out you will need to keep your eyes pealed to see where they are dropping.

And if that is not enough they have a wide variety of key chains too. Currently Mercy is available but Soldier: 76, Winston, Pharah,, Sombra, and many more are on the way too.

So what did you all think, do any of these tempt you?

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