This Summer Go Jurassic With Hot Topic

At the ripe old age of 30(ish) you would think that I would be past giving a f**k about what Hot Topic is bringing out, but turns out, nope that is not the case. The company continues to be innovate in nerd fashion helping people like us show a little flare, while we dazzle everyone with our sheer nerdiness. 

With a wide variety of tops, dresses, vests, shirts and also a recreation of Chris Pratt’s outfit from Jurassic World the only thing that you are missing is a Doctor Ian Malcolm outfit. So if you wanna see more then check out here.

The question now stands, are you nerdy enough to wear these or will you just back out?

Sadly as per usual the women’s clothes are far more varied than the men’s. But to make up for it there is some very unique accessories and even a few exclusive funkos.

If you live in the UK and are looking some Jurassic world themed clothing but don’t want to pay the extravagant shipping fees then check out EMP.CO.UK

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