Ryan Reynolds Is The Unicorn That We All Need

It seems that lately the world just cannot get enough of the comedy Adonis that is Ryan Reynolds, from a Canadian Eurovsion bid to Manchester United the actor seems to be everywhere, we thought we had seen it all, until we bore witness to this gem. The Deadpool star killed it by making a surprise appearance on a South Korean singing show while disguised from head to toe as a mother f*ck1ng unicorn. 

Blowing everyone away the masked unicorn singer performed Tomorrow from the musical classic Annie. As entertaining as this was nothing can top the reactions by the contestants.

If your wondering why the Unicorn outfit, I can only assume that it’s a reference to the first Deadpool film, where he ummm “was intimate” with a unicorn toy. A truly brilliant yet unusual piece of promotion for a film, but one everyone should watch.

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