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Issue 27 really takes things to another level in the Shattered Grin story Arc. Tommy’s evil Doppelganger continues his march forward attacking every Power Rangers team across time and space and taking out other version of himself in the process. In a desperate bid to defeat him the Coinless activate their sleeper agent and in an unlikely turn of events the once high school bully Skull helps the Coinless begin a series of events that may just lead to the forces of evil being defeated once and for all.

Luckily Zordon manages to get a message out to every Power Rangers team warning them about the upcoming danger. Meanwhile Jason, now armed with Tommy’s shield helps strengthen ties with both the Pink Time Force Ranger and the Pink Samurai Ranger by bringing them into the fold. Using the extra help Jason decides that they Rangers need an all the help they can get so he splits his team tasking some of his allies with helping the coinless, sending Kimberly and the Pink Time Force Ranger off to gather whoever they can, while he and the Pink Samurai Ranger are tasked with seeking out the Power Ranger RPM, because their Dr K may have a way to take away Lord Drakkon’s ability to negate the morphing grid.

This series is getting intense, I can assume that with Ninjor being held hostage Lord Drakkon plans to size as much power for himself as he can, which makes me wonder, what will he become? How will the ranger defeat him? Will he get his Zord back? Will we find out how Finster 5 came to be and what is next for the Power Rangers?

With a few cameos and Easter eggs this one is shaping up to be a great series.

Ooooh I cannot wait!

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