iZombie season 4 : Brainless In Seattle Part 1

After a die hard romantic is murdered after being smuggled into the city, Liv has to consume what little is left of her brain and go on a quest for justice and of course love.

Seeing Liv on super upbeat naive love struck girl brain is hilarious and based on the dark context of this episode its a well deserved change of pace. Honestly part of me worried that by season 4 I would have been sick of the brain gimmick but between our leads incredible acting chops and the creative teams writing I honestly cannot see that happening any time soon. Speaking of that winning combo that had me in hysterics at so much of the weird antics the absolute highlight of this episode would be the need to play Savage Garden every time Liv sees a guy that she likes.

Ravi continues to be my favorite character in this series, possibly because as a human viewer I can relate to him being a nerdy guy surviving in a Zombie infested world. This episode continued to have Ravi being the nice guy and being that guy he is tricked into being summoned to in a fake emergency only to discover that Peyton just needs him to wing man for her with Liv on a night out, this does of course lead to a very random montage scene where they are trying to find the perfect outfit for Ravi to wear (with a very confused Major walking in on them).

As much fun as the montage was nothing will beat our three main characters taking the dance floor by storm…


Its interesting to see how much Clive and Liv’s relationship has grown from unlikely partners to very close friends with a great rapport, a rapport that gives us some fantastic banter and now Liv is stuck in a situation where she thinks Clive’s girlfriend is cheating on him. Though I am beginning to wonder if they are in an open relationship because of their inability to have sex or she was possibly under cover, at this point I really can not see her as a cheater and does this show need another will they wont they couple?Review-iZombie-S04E03_04

Chase Graves continues to work closely with Blaine, though it seems to sicken him, after all both men are so diametrically opposed. Chase has tasked Blaine with locating and killing Renegade, someone we have previously met. Graves is facing issues of controlling and feeding his population while Renegade keeps creating more zombies and smuggling humans out of the city, these are two things that Chase cannot have.

It took me long enough to get why Blaine’s restaurant was called Romero’s, if I have to explain it to you then just do not ask, but its interesting to see how they get all their new brains for their clients, after all there is nothing like a little murder to work up an appetite.


In the end this episode being a two partner left us with more questions than answers, like if there are night clubs open how does the curfew work?

Has Liv’s possible new love interest been revealed?

Whats Angus up too?

Is there a particular reason why the brains are not coming into Seattle and is there anyway to revive Angus old contacts in the Indian subcontinent?

Are all the blue brains from murder victims?


Will we see more of Ravi’s dancing?

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