Disney now that you own Fox please bring back Firefly

This ones a long shot, but since Disney are one step closer to total world domination maybe they could throw me a bone and make this happen. Firefly is owned by Fox and a lot of Fox’s properties are now owned by Disney, so is there a chance Disney could bring Firefly back?

Obviously we would want a Joss Whedon return and maybe if they gave him complete creative control he would come back. But on saying that even without Joss they could hand the reigns over to someone like James Gunn. We all know that he could easily do a space western about a legendary outlaw, we know he can handle both comedy and action with a blast of serious and he could bring Micheal Rooker in as a seasons big bad. Who wouldn’t want to watch the cast being hunted my Rooker just imagine how awesome would that be?

So where could a second season of Firefly go, well we could continue from where the film left off and have our heroes just follow the winds, which ever way they blow. Maybe have Zoe cope with Wash’s death by watching old tapes he made while bored in his pilot’s chair, Malcolm could take River under his wing while Doc and Kaylee continue to develop their relationship. Or maybe we jump 10 years forward and have the beginnings of a new resistance against the government. I know this would see a massive shift in tone of the show, but if it was a ten year jump that would make sense. Many shows do time shifts these day’s so I do not see why this would be impossible. This is a silly dream but it would be cool is Disney could hear me out on this one and bring Firefly back.

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