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Boom Studios presents JUDAS #1

BOOM Studios, continue to push every boundary they can with their new series detailing the life and death of Judas Iscariot. Complete with gorgeous art work, we find ourselves drawn into this morbid tale, as Judas fresh after his suicide is being guided through hell by a disembodied voice. Along the way he faces demons both internal and external, where he ponders to himself if he ever had free will while fleeing from creatures brought forth from the nightmares of man.

The story takes a deeper look at Judas’s motivations and how they started from a small trickle and eventually evolved into a wave of rage, rage enough to betray his friend. Even while doing this the story ponders that if Jesus knew Judas would one day betray him then why bring him into the fold? Was this all part of God’s plan, if so why is Judas the villain and not the hero? Without his betrayal and death then Jesus would never have had the chance to ruse from the dead, this there would be no New Testament, so in his own way Judas is important. The other questions this raises is that if Jesus could perform all these miracles, why did he stop, why not go further, why hold back|?

This wont be the book for everyone, not only does it have heavy religious themes, which will put people off, but  it deals with a character who has committed suicide. Its a very dark topic but I suppose one worth reading. For those Christians reading this I think this is also an important book, because lets face it we really know nothing of Judas and this book gives us something to ponder on, why he did what he did and how evil was he?

It is far to easy to think we have all the answers about people, but few people are black and white, most of us come in shades of gray, is there not a chance that there is more to Judas than being the man who betrayed Jesus for a bag of silver?

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