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Infinity War Trailer Breakdown

So here is our breakdown for the first Infinity War trailer and this is quite the show, it does not dissapoint.

Our first shot is of a broken and beaten Tony. He appears to finally be at his lowest point, wonder what has him feeling this way?

This looks like we see the Hulk beaten and subdued, but it could just as easily have been a summoning spell gone wrong, maybe Dr Strange brought the Hulk to Earth to fight against Thanos?

In keeping with that, either they where surprised by the Hulks entrance, as in maybe he was thrown through their roof, or they are shocked at Bruce Banners appearance.

Just so you all know this relationship is cannon and Scarlet Witch plus Vision is long accepted by fans. Though we now see the Vision has taken a human form, which shows a major shift for him.

It appears that Thor has found himself forced to team up with the Guardians of the Galaxy.

I cant tell if I’m more excited by Banner meeting up with Natasha or Veronica

Dr Strange and Wan meeting more Avengers, also whats the deal with Tony’s Jacket.

I just loved this little shot, it’s so simple, but gotta love us some Spider-Sense.

If your wondering what happened to the Tesseract, well looks like Loki took it.

Finally our first proper look at Thanos, well first proper look in a few years.

I guess Thanos must be a big enough threat that Peter needed to break out the Iron Spider Armour.

Not sure exactly what is going on here but Thor looks like he is in agony.

I am guessing that this is one of Thano’s agents

And they picked the wrong guy to mess with.

The Hulk buster is back but I am wondering if this is a heavily augmented one to help in the Battle for Wakanda

If there is going to be a battle at Wakanda then it means the Black Panther is going to be ready to fight.

I guess this may be the death of Vision or is this a Red Hearing, after all later in the trailer we don’t see the mind gem in use by Thanos. Though this appears to be a return of the Staff that originally housed the stone, so I wonder is this staff designed specifically hold the stone.

The first time we see two stones together, the Space and Power stones, meaning that the Nova Corps must have been defeated, which is not a surprise after their high losses against Ronan, in Guardians of the Galaxy vol 1, as for the Space stone, did Loki willingly hand it over or did he loose it? I also guess that the Collector still has his stone.

I am still wondering why Wakanda? Are they protecting the final stone, or Vision? I guess we will have to wait till the film comes out before we get that answer.

Included among the obvious you can also falcon and I think that’s War Machine in the background.

Honestly I am Glad they Kept Battle damaged Thor, he just looks badass.

And of course the Guardians of the Freaking Galaxy, complete with Teen Groot.

Though I am wondering, where are the rest of the Asguardians? Where is Ant-Man and the Wasp? Will the Nova Core send a long warrior to help in this fight? What about the Defenders, Agents of Shield and Inhuman’s? Will Thanos have any allies on Earth? I have so many more but I will talk about them in my next article, for now is there anything I missed?






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