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My Personal Top 10 DC TV shows

You may have noticed a theme of DC related articles recently which is all to do with the release of Justice League later this week. In that vein I have been thinking what are my favourite DC inspired Tv shows. For this list I am looking at everything DC have released, animated, live action, lesser know and wildly praised and I have picked out the ten that are my favourite, though these may not be the best, this list is just my personal preferences.

10.Static Shock

I dont know a lot of people who watched this growing up, possible being from where I am, I always felt like it flew under the radar, still it was original and showed us a different side of life, which is probably more important that all the superhero antics. (Also I am well aware that this series started out as non DC but its DC now so get over it)


I was not sure if  I could post this one or not because it deviates heavily from its original source material but dam it Tom Ellis is just to entertaining in his role as Lucifer. If you have not seen Lucifer, it follows the Lord of Hell as he has abandoned his rule to run a night club called Lux in L.A, on his travels he ends up working as a consultant for the LAPD. Lucifer is pretty serious at times and at other it is down right hilarious.

8.Batman 1960’s

What kind of list would this be without the OG Batman series. Its utterly ridiculous but it has its charm and to this day it is for many the definitive Batman series. As we all know unlike Bale and all the other Batman there no fake abs everything we saw on screen was 100%, grade-A West..

7.Legends of Tomorrow

Out of all the Arrowverse shows I never thought I would love this one so much. The series sees a group of heroes and villains travel through time, like DC’s very own Doctor Who, only these guys are just the worst at their job. This is a real switch your brain off and be entertained show and honestly that’s what we need these days.

6.Teen Titans

Even as I type this all I can hear in my head is that god dam theme tune. Teen Titans was such a welcomed break when I was younger, its unusual style and story telling really lent well to the shows longevity, not only that but it introduced me to a host of new characters I would never have heard of such as Herald, Starfire, Raven, The Brotherhood of Evil, Gizmo and Trigon to name but a few. To this day I could rewatch this series and never get bored.

5.Batman Beyond

A truly underappreciated show, when it came out I kind of wrote the show off and thought it was very childish, but then at that point there I was a child, now that I have grown up my mind has truly changed.

4.Batman The Animated Series

The one that started it all for so may of us, from it revamp of Mr Freeze, to its dedication to Adam West, this show was deep and beautiful, for me this is the perfect Batman.

3.Justice league Unlimited

The final product of the DC animated universe, this was grander than any previous show. With a huge host of characters that just seemed to keep growing an amazing story arc oh and of course The Question, who could hate this show?

2.The Flash

Out of all the Arrowverse shows this one is the best, it has that perfect balance of action, comedy and drama. You like Barry and you love his supporting cast, one of the best shows to be on television in this decade.

Honorable mentions – Constantine, Justice League and Supergirl – All 3 where close contenders for this list but the competition was just too stiff.

1.Young Justice

This is it, the greatest DC show ever and it only lasted two seasons. If you have not seen it find it and watch it! Young Justice will surprise you and keep you on your toes, it never goes the way you think its going too, a great voice cast, gorgeous animation, complex story arc’s and some of the Best DC villians I have ever seen, yes this is the best DC has to offer. If you dont believe me, then answer me this, if no one liked it why is the show getting a revival?

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