The latest Last Jedi Trailer reveals a little more to us

The latest Last Jedi TV spot managed to get its own title – Awake – seriously since when did trailers get their own personalised titles, even still this 46 second teaser revealed a little more about the film, or maybe what I think its revealed may be the product of some very good editing. So knowing this I will go through some of the new shots and tell you what I think of them.

It would be nearly impossible not to get a little tingle up your spine when seeing the Millennium Falcon, ok if would be nearly impossible if you where not a life long fan of the franchise to get a tingle up your spine. Though this shot reveals little its the next that really got us pumped.

This is the shot that probably made everyone’s eyes pop out, we finally see Luke back in the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon and that leads us to wonder, when was the last time we saw him here? Though the way he walks in, he looks grim and there is something about it, like he is almost sneaking onboard, like he either is not supposed to be there or does not want to be there.

There is a lot to see here with Snoke on his Throne, dressed in his Gold Robes, surrounded by his Praetorian Guards, who are suspected to be the Knights of Ren, General Hux and someone else I just cannot make out. God does he look threatening, as much as Palpatine was intimidating in the original Trilogy he really has nothing on Snoke.

For all the detractors out there who thought Finn switched back to the first order this scene looks to be proof that Finn is firmly on the side of the resistance.

Nothing to revealing about this shot but it does look dam cool.

Ok we have seen this shot before but its what comes next that gives it context.

Is it clever editing or is Luke talking to Rey, is he trying to convince her not to be a Jedi, or to follow his path or maybe this is like Yoda in the swamp warning Luke not to go to save his friends. Maybe Luke is on his back because he tried to stop Rey, either way it looks like they will have some sort of a confrontation in the rain. Like I said earlier its a 46 second teaser, it only shows a little but dam it, I really want to see more.

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