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Coming out on the First of November is this exciting new comic that helps bridge the timeline between parts two and three of the Maze Runner franchise. The Scorch Trials ended with Thomas planning to infiltrate WCKD, determined to take them down to save his friends along with all of civilization, as his friends and the Right Arm agree to help and prepare to fight back. This book gives you a bit of an insight into whats happened to the world since the previous movie and even shows us more of the world than the first two films have shown us. This is a dark story, probably darker than the original films, its filled with dread, realism, our favourite charcters and in some ways it outshines them and really its really for more than just the hardcore fan.

Filled with gorgeous and detailed artwork this is a real page turner, every piece of art had me completely enthralled and has reinvigorated by curiosity in the Laze Runner franchise

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