Whats my favourite scary movie?

I have never been the best at dealing with scary movies, in fact to this day I still refuse to watch the Texas Chainsaw Massacre because when it comes to chainsaw wielding maniacs who want to eat me I have a slight phobia. But every now and again there comes a horror film that I genuinely enjoy. These might not be the scariest but these are my favourite horror films. Btw there will be spoilers ahead.

  • Scream

This is probably one of the first Horror films I ever watched and always one of my favourite Slasher movies. there is just something terrifying about the average guy going on a killing spree, especially against their own friends. Not to mention the now iconic Scream Mask, which btw was just a random mask they found while scouting for locations.

  • The Descent

This 2005 film  follows six women who, having entered an unmapped cave system, become trapped and are hunted by flesh-eating subterranean humanoids. This one genuinely terrifies me because it represents the unknown, the unquantified, the unseen. We truly do not know what lies beneath us and the idea of me trapping and massacred underground is nightmare inducing.

  • The Ring

How could I not include this Japanese Horror masterpiece. this is the movie that made me want to throw my Tv out the window. I do not care who you are but that scene you her crawl from the Television in full, that fucking terrified me.

  • The Shinning

Now we reach the predictable classics and The Shinning needed included here. On first watching I never appreciated this in fact I actually at one point preferred the version that Mr King actually supervised. But after closer inspection I have to say that the Kubrick version is a masterpiece. The film draws you in  and forces you to watch every scene. What makes the Shining so foreboding is the inconsistencies, seriously watch is, the film is chalked full of little choices by the director that are just not correct, but many us believe that these where all made on purpose. Of course in the end who isnt terrified of an axe wielding Jack Nicholson.

  • Alien

My final choice is one that is utterly terrifying one that really makes no sense. Lets face it I am never going to be trapped on a space ship with a Xenomorph trying to kill me, but lets face it the film is so claustrophobic and continues to inspire the dear of the unknown, its a perfect film and one of the greatest ever made

I know I missed a lot off this list, believe me it was hard to skip Halloween, The Exorcist and even Jaws, but after careful thought these 5 films where my favorite scary movies and honestly worth a watch so hope you guys enjoy.

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