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The Punsiher’s second trailer leaves us blown away

Set November 17th 2017 as the date for the Punisher to explode onto your screens. The series looks both brutal and deep, which is an unusual but oh so delicious mix. Though I didn’t like him at first I am beginning to understand what I have come to admire about this character; yes he is a trained killer but at the same time he is the an Everyman, an Average Joe pushed to his limits. he is a compelling character because lets face it we may not agree with what this man does but we can not exactly say he is wrong in his methods. Netflix will be showing his origin and now his development as a vigilante has progressed, with the a little help from an ex spook. Rounding out this Gut punch of a series we have a Deborah Ann Woll as Karen Page returning to help remind us that this is the Marvel Universe. After the disaster that was The Inhumans I am sure Marvel could use a home run and having this all to human protagonist could really help with that.

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