Interview with Sherlock cast and crew at San Diego Comic-Con 2016


While at San Diego Comic-Con International 2016 this year, I had the opportunity to take part in a roundtable interview with Steven Moffat, Mark Gatsis, Sue Vertue and Amanda Abbington. Me and two other journalists only had time to ask a few questions each, you can read the interview questions and answers that I managed to ask the cast and crew:

In season 4, are we ever going to find out the reason why Sherlock is the way he is? Is it something to do with what happened on ‘that day’, so briefly glimpsed as a teenage Mycroft sits beside an overdosing teenage Sherlock?

Steven: Well you will have to wait and see, I think the question to why Sherlock Holmes is the way he is probably unanswerable. We are not going to find an incident in anybody’s past that explains who they are.

Mark: He is the way he is because mummy and daddy loved each other and one day…

Everybody bursts into laughter.

Steven: One interesting thing we did which I think we got right was that people assumed Sherlock’s parents were cold and distant but children of cold and distant parents grow up to be shy,nervous and conformist. However bold and eccentric individual creatures like Mycroft and Sherlock come from a loving background and were told it’s okay to just be you, you don’t have to be like anybody else.

Mark: Frasier is interesting because Frasier in Cheers is like Sherlock Holmes in someone else’s series. If you give Frasier his own series, he can’t be Frasier all the time so you give him Niles to be uber Frasier. I mean look at Niles and Frasier’s dad, it’s this guy going ‘Who are they?’ They are very nice, lovely, bright people but they’ve created and accidentally got these hot house flowers growing in their garden. They shouldn’t have a pet dog though or should they, maybe they shouldn’t?

Is there any more plans for Victorian Sherlock, maybe in Season 4?

Steven: Not really, I mean…we did that…can we tell them?

Mark: Yeah it was a funny thing, we couldn’t get everyone’s dairies aligned to do a 4th series then which is why we did the special, I think we said if we can’t do this now, we can’t really do it. It fits so perfectly in the storyline but the other day Ben, who is directing episode 3 (4th season) graded a little clip from episode 2 in black and white and it looked exactly like a Rathbone. I got so excited.

Is there a third Holmes brother?

Steven: No but there is a fourth.

Everybody bursts laughing again.

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