The Answers (2015) Short Film Review

This short film gives the viewer an unusual take on what it would be like to die. I discovered it last week and I really should have posted this sooner. The short film stars veteran Australian actor Daniel Lissing as Nathan, a man who has just died and in under 8 minutes finds out all the major information from his life, well the information he wants to know. He asks about mundane things like who stole his bike as a kid, to the important ones like who his perfect match was, coincidentally his perfect match was played by Rose McIver of iZombie fame.


I absolutely loved this short and for two great reasons:

One – It’s a great little masterpiece of editing as it takes a simple idea and makes it into an art.


Two – Michael Goode in less than 8 minutes has managed to create a film far deeper than most of what we get in the mainstream, which is impressive because like I said several times the film is really short.

So check it out and I hope you all enjoy it.

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