Wild Beasts (Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival 2014)


The critically acclaimed Wild Beasts managed to grace the festival (on Thursday 8th May at the Festival Marquee at Belfast Custom House Square) with their presence and it was magnificent. This was a show I was not meant to cover, so filling in for one of our other reporters I made my way to the show and I was blown away. The Indie rockers from Kendal put on quite the show. As they came on stage the crowd went crazy, the band look like the best bits of the late 80’s and early 90’s mixed together, with a fresh, mind-blowing, refined sound all for the 21st century.


Recently I had to sit and listen to someone rant to me how British rock was dead and long live EDM; well, Wild Beasts may have an electronic sound but they are most definitely still rocking it out for the masses. Kicking off with the awesome Mecca the entire audience was sucked in and couldn’t help but be entranced to their powerful sounds. They where active and in control once on stage, they kept the fans hooked on every minute sound that they made. They seem like the outsider artists gone mainstream and they can draw a massive and diverse crowd, if you’re looking for something new but familiar they have cornered this brilliant and unique sound.


As live acts go they are formidable; the music was perfect to dance to, to jump to, to sing to, for a good chunk of the gig I just sat their entranced by the music and the powerful melodic sounds where almost hypnotic, it was very beautiful.


To further enhance this experience we again where treated to a great sound system and an amazing light display where every colour helped enhance the emotion that the songs where striving for. This was not a gig to forget anytime soon and I for one will want to see Wild Beasts again. They have crafted a fantastic and unique performance that I’m struggling to put into words, they reminded me of Frankie Goes to Hollywood with an Arcade Fire feel, but that’s just me. Like I said before, it’s a truly unique experience and it’s one that just needs to be seen. So go get a few of their tracks, some good headphones and go lie back and relax, you will want more by the end of the first track, because believe me that’s how I felt.

Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival

1st – 11th May 2014 – Cathedral Quarter, Belfast


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