Twitch just got a brand new Asshole

Twitch streamer WEFOUNDTHEBODY seems to be trying to be a late entry for the asshole of the year 2022 award. Last week while on stream WEFOUNDTHEBODY asked one of his viewers MissNerdyCurvy where has she been?

In response she replied that her mom had just died.

Now any sensible person would pass on some words of condolences, but not this jackass, WEFOUNDTHEBODY decided to say this:

“MissNerdyCurvy we are not going to talk about that in my chat, because its Friday and that is a whole big bucket of bummer and I’m sorry for your loss but we are not doing that in my fucking chat”

And after this WEFOUNDTHEBODY managed to get defensive on the topic and once again went on the attack, saying that he never asked for her to say this. Which is funny because he literally did that. To follow this WEFOUNDTHEBODY did apologise on twitter, but he would then go on to post a nearly ten minute video putting the blame back on to MissNerdyCurvy.

And she is such a decent soul she actually thinks that she is in part to blame for this:

To close this one out I am officially a “whining annoying sniveling bitch” at least that is what WEFOUNDTHEBODY called any decent person who was offended at his outrageous behaviour. This asshole thinks it is ok to insult and lecture for “trauma dumping” he can grow up and just fuck right off.

Anyway be kind to each other and stay classy everyone.

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