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Why Is The Boys Season 3 Getting So Many One Star Reviews?

It should come as no surprise how many people are getting offended by Amazon Primes The Boys, though what does surprise me is the sheer amount of complaints that the series has suddenly received, especially since the complaints can be broadly broken down into three categories.


This one comes as no surprise, The Boys can be a little much for some people. Lets face it the show has never shied-away from sex and gore, yet this time the show decided to take it to a much darker level. Or at least much more graphic level. One reviewer was disgusted at seeing the hero Termite shrink himself down and go into a man’s anus, for sexual pleasure. Now there are two things that this reviewer missed with this one. The first is that this was a homage to the Infinity War Antman meme, where Scott Lang could shrink down and go into Thano’s ass then grow big thus killing him and the second is that this was not the anus, this was his penis. I think it is probably for the best that this reviewer stops watching the show. 

One minor note, at least one viewer was not happy that the child beauty pageant over sexualised children. Ye I do not think this viewer knows how creepy this pageants really are. 

Release Schedule

This is the second complaint I will deal with. The release schedule, in an era of binge watching I too am not exactly pleased that we have to wait one week at a time for every new episode. But it has been this way since the second season so it is a bogus complaint. Still I wish we Amazon would drop the entire season all at once, like they did with the original season. 

And finally we have Snowflake outrage about how political the show is.

This seems to be the biggest issue. Apparently The Boys is full of “Woke Bullshit”.  And yes I have to agree the show is Woke, but it is strange that they are only realizing this now, as the show has always been Woke.

Season One dealt with Sexual Assault, the Me Too Movement, corporate corruption and political corruption. Season Two featured the rise of the Alt Right, Religious Influences, LGBT Representation and Political Corruption. So for Season Three to touch on Guns, Child Beauty Pageants, Racism, Rainbow Capitalism and Racism no one should be shocked.

To say that the show is suddenly woke, leftist and pushing an agenda shows that some people are clearly not watching the series. So they are either dumb or they are just posting reactionary pointless reviews that say more about them than the series that they have been watching.

At the end of the day it is just a Tv series and if you are upset enough about a show to give it an over the top passionate one star review, instead of just turning off and walking away then that is just sad.

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