The Drew and Look Podcast: The madness in his METHOD

It has been far too long since I have visited the Drew and Look Podcast but here we are for another round. And this time our gracious host is sitting down with fellow writer Philip Henry. Philp is another of Northern Ireland’s many talented artists and he has 11 books to his name, on this podcast you can hear Andy and Philip discuss his latest book Method, plus a whole lot more.

Before you get into it I will give you a brief synopsis of what the Method is about.

“After being the standout talent of his class, Sean Black finds the acting world hard to break into on a professional level. Then a chance meeting with another actor convinces him if he wants to play a part, he has to live that part. As his career begins to take off, Sean doesn’t shy away from experiencing everything his character would in order to find the truth in his performance. But who is he when he’s not in character? Does he even know anymore? As the roles get bigger and the parts get darker, the risks he must take get greater. Sean won’t stop, but he must be stopped because there’s madness in his method.”

In the beginning, this episode does a fantastic job discussing Philips’s method and all the work that goes into crafting his books. Whether it be the inspiration from his home region or how he uses both continuity and real locations to help bring his worlds to life, it is all utterly fascinating.

But the interview goes further than that and Philip is very open and frank about his health and how his writing is almost medicinal. Which is extremely compelling and very endearing. Listening to them talk is at times like listening to two old friends just chat and at others, it is like two wise sages talking about how to survive as a writer.

Of course, the podcast turns back to talking about Philips’s latest book which sounds dark yet utterly intriguing. The main character, Sean is both reprehensible and compelling all at once. It seems that this book has deeper themes dealing with poverty and wanting to outgrow your family. This all leads to a twisted and dark ambition that drives him.

Another factor about this story that I like is that Philip has filled the book with a plethora of media to further give us a glimpse into Sean’s psyche. And as dark as it gets Philip and Andy do help give us a few great laughs. Please keep an eye on the site I will be covering two of the Drew and Look podcast’s previous releases based around Press Gang.

I found the podcast so compelling that I now have a copy of Philips’s book on my Amazon Wishlist and I personally think that if you listen you will be wanting to do the same. So you can check out the Podcast here.

And as always check out Andy Luke’s links below


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  1. Good Morning I love your commentary. I am emailing to ask why are your articles now typed all in Capitals?? It is hard on the eyes to read, and I thought writing all in capital letters meant you are shouting? Please help me understand. A big fan, Dahna Taylor

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