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Sheena: Queen of the Jungle (Vol. 2) #4

I am reviewing this one as I come out of a week of Covid, and I can safely say spending part of that time curled up in my bed with Sheena was the ideal way to get through Covid. This series continues to be an energetic romp and one that somehow seems to keep building up steam, rather than losing it.

The last issue left Sheena with a tough choice, does she ally with someone whose methods she detests, but whose goals she believes in or does she go it alone. Fortunately for us readers, it seems that the villains of this piece have forced Sheena’s hand and we are going to see the Queen of the Jungle align herself with the “monster” she once hunted. But alas in a tale as old as time, it seems that here in this story man is the real monster.

Sorry to harp on about how much I am enjoying this series, but I really do love how Stephen Mooney took the classic Syfy/Fantasy/Horror trope of the hero being hunted by a menacing foe and breathed new life into it. I believe the trick to his success here is twofold. Firstly there is a steady power climb, where the enemies are slowly becoming more and more dangerous, meaning we never get bored of watching the Queen of the Jungle do her thing.

Secondly, this series does have a lot of background drama going on and it just makes it so engaging. Take the character of Ransome, at first he seemed like a generic enforcer for the big bad, but as the story has progressed he has become more fleshed out, and now I am not quite sure where we stand with him. And to give us another dose of drama we know have another possible big bad, one who is not only holding Sheena’s animal friends captive but is even offering them as prizes, to the winners of this sick game of death.

As always Jethro Morales has done an amazing job bringing this world to life. Whether it be the high-tech unseen control center or the artificial jungle everything just looks so vibrant. 

Another fantastic release and one I hope you will enjoy as much as I did.

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