We Finally Got Minerablu’s SDCC Video

This one just breaks my heart and not because it is bad, but because it’s San Diego Comic-Con and I can’t be there…

Visiting Comic-Con is like the holy grail of all things Nerdy. It is the pilgrimage that we all must make at least once and it is the place where you realize that “This is my tribe and this is where I belong !”

Minerablu perfectly captures this feeling in their latest video not only do they show off all the gorgeous and amaczng cosplay, they also show off some of the great treats that SDCC has to offer.

So if you area fan of Evangelion, Teen Titans, The Fifth Element, Spider-Man, X-Men, The Avengers, Disney, Lego, the X-files, Warhammer 40k, Batman and anything else that is even remotely related to these things, well then your going to love this.

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