I Am the Night Gives Us a Dark Yet Intense Trailer

Starring Chris Pine and Directed by Patty Jenkins, already what’s not to love about this?

I Am the Night tells the story of the young adopted girl, Fauna Hodel (India Eisley). In a search for her origins she leaves home and begins to investigate the dark secrets of her past. Along the way she comes into contact with a burnt-out reporter (Chris Pine) and they are pulled together by the case that destroyed him. This will lead them to one of Hollywood’s darkest secrets, one that truly ended the golden era of the silver screen.

First off, having Patty Jenkins in charge of this, well that’s all I needed to know, so right off the bat I am in, but the subject matter is what got me hooked. It appears that this story is set in the decades following The Black Dahlia Murder, a case so shocking that it still haunts us today. If you have never heard of the case, it is that if Elizabeth Short. Elizabeth tragically met her end when she was murdered. Now it is sad to say that murder is far too common. Especially to that of women, but what makes this case unique is due to the graphic nature of the crime, which entailed her corpse having been mutilated and severed at the waist. To put that into context, this was a young beautiful 22-year-old woman brutally violated and left to rot in 1924, the Los Angeles Police had never seen anything like this before and its sad to say across the world such acts have only become far to common. (Perhaps the media sensationalists this too much and sick people do sick things for attention, well that is not for me to decide, but I will let you ponder it.)

Just from watching the trailer you can see that the cinematography is on point, it strikes the right balance of artistic and conventional to help draw in and hold the audience, the tone looks intense and the story will be thrilling, this one will be a perfect for January viewing, which is probably why they have it set for 19/01/19.
Guess we are all in for a long wait.

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