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Batgirl and the Birds of Prey Volume 1 Comic Book Review

Once upon a time at her lowest point Barbara Gordon rebuilt her life and her self using the alias Oracle, in this life she fought crime from behind a keyboard. She used her skills as a sleuth to coordinate a team of skilled combatants and hunt down some of the worlds most dangerous villains. Times have changed and Barbara is once again Batgirl, the only problem is she is now getting messages from a whole new Oracle. In a race against time Barbara tries to figure out who is her new informant and can they be trusted? Of course Miss Gordon is not alone, in tow is the vivacious Black Canary and the always deadly Huntress. Maybe you missed this ark first time round, well now is your chance to catch it again because DC have just released the first five issues in their annual format, meaning you can burn through them all soaking up every twist and turn from this roller coaster of a story.

This is a great and fun filled series that takes everything we loved about the Birds of Prey and brings it into the Rebirth world. It’s fun, well paced and pays tribute to all that came before it. Most importantly this is a total girl power book and that can never be overlooked, the characters are sexy, that is true, but now it’s not about skimpy outfits as it’s about them, their personalities, their skills and of course their attitude. Yes they all have looks that can kill – one may just straight up kill you, but the story is all about them as people, this is modern comic book writing at its finest. Beyond the writing there is gorgeous art which reminds me of fast paced Japanese Manga but still staying heavily western.

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